The Crazy Daysies
"The Crazy Daysies are a healthy slice of apple-pie Americana for your ears. The duo, South Carolina
born sisters Rebecca Day and Jen Thompson, employs the tried-and-true blend of country music
staples: Crisp acoustic guitar, soaring viola and a fiery belle with a voice powerful enough to fill every
corner of the room. The sisters signature sound is clean, simple and heart felt... But don't mistake them
for just another cover band. The Crazy Daysies debut studio EP, out later this month, includes three
original songs and one cover."
                                         -Folio Weekly, Jacksonville, FL  February 2014
The Crazy Daysies is a rising country act featuring
singer, songwriter and guitarist Rebecca Day and
violist and songwriter Jen Day-Thompson.

The sisters are available to perform as a duo, or as a
trio with percussionist Beau Littles.  Rebecca is also
available to perform solo on selected dates.