Among the many guests who have enjoyed JC's art are Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Rev. Al Sharpton
Watch as our Master Cuban Cigar Roller brings 20 years of expertise in cigar manufacturing to your event.  This
expertise was earned working in the family  tobacco harvesting business in Cuba where he learned the art of cigar
rolling.  Each cigar is hand-rolled.  The premium blended tobacco leaves are specially selected to produce a refined
aroma and smooth taste.  The leaves are grown in Ecuador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic from Cuban
seeds - "the best in the world". The consistency of the draw and the clean white ash make these cigars a favorite of
cigar affcionados.  Our master craftsman will delight your guests with his unique artistry and exquisite hand-rolled
Cigars.  We can even personalize your event with custom designed cigar rings!
Cuban Cigar Roller