If by chance you have had
the pleasure of visiting
Downtown Disney in
Orlando Florida within the
past few years, chances
are you have been among
the thousands mesmerized
by one of their most
popular entertainers,
Dominic Gaudious.

Dynamic, Intense and
passionate are just some of
the words used to describe
the innovative work of this
unique multi-instrumentalist
and composer.
After successfully recording and touring with an eclectic rock band in the 1980's, Dominic found his passion in the
contemplative world of Classical/World Beat music. Working mainly with six & twelve-string acoustic guitars and
incorporating exotic instruments such as the Australian Didgeridoo, Dominic expanded on the theme and created a
uniquely intricate playing style which blends the sounds of Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Rock, and World-Beat.

National Geographic, opened for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Pat Benatar, Kip Winger, appeared with the
well-respected jazz ensemble Acoustic Alchemy, The Rippingtons, and world-renowned guitarists such as Pierre
Bensusan, Adrian Legg and Eric Johnson. He also performed at the after show party for John Petrucci, Joe Satriani
and Steve Vai.

Often compared to Michael Hedges, Eddie Van Halen and Al DiMeola, Dominic's appealing sound has become
widely sought after for festivals, benefits and concerts such as the Race Unity Festival, Greenpeace, Sound Support
for Autism and Citizens for a Better Environment.

Dominic's music has been featured on Echoes, Hearts of Space, National Public Radio and many local and
syndicated stations throughout the world.

Dominic was a finalist on FOX TV's "30 Seconds to Fame," a finalist and Honor Award Winner in the Great American
Song Contest for his song " Far East Fusion," nominated as Best Instrumental Artist 2004, Best Performing Artist
2005 by campus awards.com and nominated by SSA as National Radio Recording Artist of the Year.