Michael Mack
Guitarist/Comedian Michael Mack is known for having one of the best closing bits in the nation
that earns him a standing ovation - EVERY SHOW!
Called "Faces of Rock", Michael utilizes music and a cast of zany characters and impressions
that defies words or description.

Ron Feingold
Ron Feingold showcases the "Only One Man Comedy A Cappella Show in the World!"
What makes his show special is the fact that Ron performs ALL of his own vocals including the
bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano parts…even the drums!

Kier is the tour's highest ranking veteran with over 25 years as a performer!
His masterful guitar playing and rock impressions are simply dead on with guest appearances by
Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Mathews, John Lennon, Willie Nelson and U2!
Three exceptional musical stand-up
comedians: Michael Mack, Ron Feingold and
Kier showcase an evening of music and
stand-up comedy along with a closing jam
session that has to be seen to be believed!

All three comedians have been heard on the
nationally syndicated radio program Bob and
Tom and they have also made appearances
on national television such as Comedy Central
and ABC's America's Funniest People.

Never before have three musical comedians
joined forces to create such a unique show!